International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

25/11/2015 – On the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – 25. November, the Domestic Violence Clinic organized with support of USAID Project for the reform of judiciary and responsible authorities an exhibition of handicraft made by women who are victims of domestic violence during their stay in Safe houses in Belgrade.

The aim of this exhibition, which was organized in the Đura Jakšić House, was to point to a problem of violence against women in Serbia, to support these women and to influence creating an environment that doesn’t tolerate domestic abuse.
The exhibition consisted of different manual work of women, who were or are accommodated in Safe houses in Belgrade. These works involve a variety of handicraft, including: knitted items, painted

items, items made in decoupage technique, glass work, hand-made jewellery, utensils made out of paper, paintings and other items. These items were made under a volunteer program, which was carried out by the company Direct Media. The women employed in this company came to the Safe house every Saturday for four months, and they worked on socialization, raising personal value and enforcement of women and children through creative workshops.
The aim of this event was to support women who are victims of violence, to show their strength, so as to see them from a different perspective, where their qualities, capabilities, possibilities and value, which often even they aren’t aware of, are shown.

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