The City Helps Women and Children Victims of Domestic Violence

8. December 2015 – It’s important that the women build a network and that they know they have support everywhere, not only from individuals but also from institutions which are in charge for these matters, said the deputy president of the city assembly Andrea Radulović during her visit to the Safe house. She emphasized the fact that today’s visit is one of the indicators and reasons for forming a Council for Gender Equality and Women Council Network, and that the priority of the city of Belgrade is to be helpful to women who are victims of domestic violence.  – I think that today’s meeting and discussion with the women in the Safe house went great. We found out the real situation and what all these women have to deal with and how we can help them solve these problems. We will continue talking to the women and working on solving these problems, we will try to always have the right information, but above all we will try to show humanity – said Radulović for Beoinfo and thanked the participants of today’s meeting for solidarity in solving these problems. She also added that the city of Belgrade will help women from Safe houses and direct them to the right place, in order for their problem to be solved completely. The member of the City council Dragomir Petronijević said that during the meeting he talked to the women victims of violence, who adduced the gravity of the problems they’re dealing with. – It’s important

that this matter appears in the Local action plan of the city of Belgrade for the year 2016, and I will, as a member of the city council in charge of agriculture and employment in the private sector, try to make a system which will employ as many people as possible. I will recommend these women to the employers, and we will also determine special subventions with the National Employment Service. Also the Department of Economic Affairs was included in this action, in order to help these women become financially independent. It’s important to create such conditions, where they could support their children from their own work and try to go back to their normal lives – said Petronijević and indicated that the city of Belgrade will do everything possible to help the women victims of violence. The city Inspection secretary Zagorka Panić added that the solution of problems related to violence against women is of great importance to the city and said that the city authorities will do everything in their power to protect and help women and children who have suffered from violence. The director of City Center for Social Work Vladimir Ilić, ombudsman of Belgrade Katarina Žeželj and the representative of Serbia’s Chamber of Commerce Branislava Simanić attended the meeting, and the host of the meeting was the coordinator of the Domestic Violence Clinic Vesna Stanojević. Vesna Stanojević used this opportunity to express deep gratitude for the visit of responsible and competent people from city institutions, considering their visit and discussion with the users of the Safe house as a way to a faster solution of problems of many.

(Source: City of Belgrade

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